Shred Kelly tour 29.11-21.12

Shred Kelly photo by Kyle Hamilton


Canadian folk/rock Shred Kelly are currently on tour in the UK in support of their latest album Archipelago. The album is a blend of classic folk, rock and a drizzle of electronic and has seen the five-piece from British Columbia garner a loyal fanbase and quite the reputation for being an outstanding live band.

The band are Tim Newton on Banjo, Cello Banjo, Vocals, Guitar, and Ukulele. Eddie Annett on Drums. Jordan Vlasschaert on Bass, Acoustic Guitar, and Harmonica. Sage McBride on Vocals and Keyboard, and Ty West on Guitar.  The original band members met at an open mic night in 2009, hosted by Newton. Despite McBride and Vlasschaert being in other bands at the time, the three hit it off and soon began playing live together. Later West joined the band and Annett joined for this tour, which has seen them take on Europe and culminate in Canada.

With four of the five on song writing duties, they explore themes of the world in the modern age and relationships, as well as drawing inspiration from their surroundings.

The album is energetic and bursting with life: Tracks like Don’t Ever Look Back has a vibrant and punchy sound, whilst tracks Archipelago and Jupiter (Any Other Way) perfectly exemplify what the band are all about: catchy tunes with amazing vocals.

The band are extremely proud of their latest album, but it is playing live which what gives them the biggest buzz as Sage McBride stated in a recent interview, “Live shows are our favourite. We spend a lot of time on the road, so performing live is where we feel most at home. If I were to explain our live show I would say that it is a sweaty, joyous dance party with high energy folk-infused alternative/pop/punk rock music.”

It will be interesting to see how the album goes down when played live and those wishing to find out can catch them on tour on the remaining UK dates for what promises to be some great sing-a-long moments and great live music, albeit with a sweaty booze fuelled edge, which surely isn’t a bad thing.

Shred Kelly are currently on tour tickets are available at:

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