The Americans 15.11.18


The Americans – Albert Hall Manchester

Reviewed  15th November.

Batten down the hatches and lock the doors because The Americans are coming! You don’t really need to do that, but The Americans have arrived and they aren’t taking any prisoners.

Having released their debut, I’ll be Yours, the Los Angeles trio of Patrick Ferris, Zac Sokolow and Jake Faulkner have been kicking about for quite a while now but with the likes of Jack white, T Bone Burnett, and Robert Redford championing you, you know you must be doing something right. The band are currently on a nationwide tour supporting St Paul and The Broken Bones, played the Albert Hall and we to check them out.

The band started life as a roots band but soon evolved into a country/rock fused outfit with stories of the ‘American Dream’ and, in some instances, the American nightmare. They take their name from the controversial photo series by Robert Frank, which gave a scathing indictment of the USA in 1957. Like the work of Frank, the band’s songs offer mini stories about the people and places of America but with empathy and understanding.

Starting the set off with opening track Nevada, you are instantly struck by the tremendous voice of lead singer Patrick Ferris: commanding and full of passion, he manages to engulf the Albert Hall. The band rattle through their set to an appreciative and respectful audience.  Highlights include the hauntingly beautiful album title I’ll be Yours and dirty but up-lifting Stowaway. Mid way through the set a banjo comes out and what situation, other than a canoeing trip in Georgia, isn’t improved by a banjo?!

The band close with raucous single The Right Stuff and clearly enjoyed this special gig. Hopefully soon the band will be on these shores with a tour of their own, but in the mean time make sure you catch them on this great double header: a guaranteed quality night out.

The Americans are currently on tour, tickets available at:

Reviewed 15th November


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