Ayesha Hazarika – Girl On Girl: The Fight for Feminism. 17.11.18



Ayesha Hazarika – Girl On Girl: The Fight for Feminism. The Studio, The Lowry

Ayesha Hazarika has made some interesting career choices indeed; whilst working as a press officer she tried her hand at Department of Trade and Industry and she chanced her arm at stand up comedy. Soon Hazarika progressed in both endeavours, serving both as a senior political advisor to the Labour Party and gaining experience as a comic. Now focusing on a comedic venture, Hazarika brings both her passion for politics and comedy with her latest show Girl On Girl: The Fight for Feminism.

Hazarika starts the show with a sit down with former colleague, Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham. The dominating theme of the discussion was set around the mess that is Brexit. They both gave a fantastic insight into the Westminster bubble and a hope for aspiring young politicians determined to make a better society. However it was their view that MP’s of the future will be limited by party politics and the Westminster’s detached connection to the world outside. Regardless of your politics this was a fascinating, insightful peak behind the curtain of what goes on in the corridors of power.

Seemingly it is in neither’s DNA to sit by an idol and do nothing: Burnham spoke passionately about devolution and homeless projects, whilst Hazarika discussed her own post Labour career in which she plays a prominent part in the equalities act, voicing her passion for a positive outlook on feminism, which nicely sets second part of the show.

From the outset of part two, Hazarika points out that the show’s title isn’t a lesbian peep show for the boys, more a critique of how the media pit for fellow female commentators against each other to see who will come out as top feminist. She recalls the highs and lows, in particular sparring with Julia Hartly-Brewer which she described as a “beasting”.

The show continues in the same vein, with the Scottish comic giving us her “shit list” of women that do nothing for the feminist fight including Gwyneth Paltrow, Germaine Greer and, rather surprisingly, herself.

Hazarika is a confident performer, although at times it feels more a lecture than it does a comedy show, but the routine is peppered with measured honest observations, stinging one-liners, and great gags.  Not all of it hits the mark but she certainly pulls no punches and the show is all the better for it.

This was an insightful, engaging and entertaining evening with plenty to say about the current state of Britain, and one that should seen by men and women alike regardless of your politics: with things the way they are at the minute Hazarika isn’t going to be running out of material anytime soon!

Reviewed 17/11/18 for The Reviews Hub (https://www.thereviewshub.com)

3 ½ Stars

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