Cinderella – Oldham Coliseum 17.11.18


Cinderella – Oldham Coliseum Theatre

Director: Kevin Shaw

Writer: Fine Time Fontayne and Kevin Shaw

Reviewer: Matthew Forrest

The Oldham Coliseum is garnering quite the reputation for putting on great productions and this year’s pantomime Cinderella is no exception. This is an absolute treat for kids from 6 to 86, that will have them grinning like Cheshire cats!

It is a tale we all know and love: a beautiful, down-on-her-luck heroine Cinderella (Shorelle Hepkin), treated cruelly by her wicked stepmother (Sue Devaney), and her vile daughters Pumpy (Fine Time Fontayne) and Trumpy (Simeon Truby). Cinderella’s only friends in the world are her well-meaning but weak father (Mitesh Soni) and her best friend Buttons (Richard J Fletcher). A chance meeting with Prince Charming (Chanté Faucher) leads to a spring in both their steps, but will true love conquer all? Or will the mean Countessa stand in the way of love’s young dream?  A certain Fairy Godmother (Nisha Anil) may have a hand in proceedings.

This is as traditional as ‘panto’ gets: heroes, villains and great dames! There plenty of gags for the kids, and a few for the adults too. There are moments of great slapstick comedy throughout, with Soni demonstrating a real gift for physical comedy.

The production has original songs from Ed Sheeran, ABBA, and This is Me from The Greatest Showman soundtrack. There were also a few moments to dance with some ‘flossing’ and The Shark Song (not a clue on that one!) which had younger audience members lapping it up.

The cast are on great form. Devaney is magnificent as the wicked stepmother, hamming it up for the audience. Hepkin is fantastic as Cinders; she has an amazing voice. The rest of the cast are having a ball and getting into the swing of things.

Cinderella is silly, entertaining and fun for all the family and the perfect way to start your festive celebrations!

Thanks to our friends at The Reviews Hub.

Cinderella is at the Oldham Coliseum until the 12th January.

4 Stars

Fantastic Fun!

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