Dilly Dally preview – 26.01.19


Dilly Dally – Manchester, Night People

Reviewer: Matt Forrest

With Brexit making the month of January even more miserable than it needs to be, what we all need is a spot of high energy and the chance to pogo about like an over excited loon. Well, the answer to most of life’s worries can be sorted by a bloody good gig, and Toronto Punk outfit Dilly Dally will provide the perfect kick-start those January Blues.

Punk and positivity don’t usually go hand in hand, but Dilly Dally has married the two together to give a raw, high-octane performance that will blow you away.

Promoting the band’s second album Heaven, the band are currently on a full UK tour. The band’s debut album, Sore, released in 2015, pulled no punches, filled with fury and rage, but still upbeat. Heaven song-writer Katie Monks has given way to the light, with the band seemingly putting their differences aside, they have crafted an album packed full of songs of forgiveness, empowerment and positivity, performed with piercing vocals, dirty guitars and drums turned up to 11!

Tonight we’re heading on over to their sold out gig at Night People to check out how the band are live (review to follow) why not give them a try yourself, who knows it may be the perfect way to kick start 2019!

For tickets, please contact the venue.

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