She Drew the Gun tour – October-November 2019


She Drew the Gun have been on my ‘to do list’ for quite some time now. After catching their single, ‘Something for the Pain’ on 6Music towards the back end of last year, this was a band I certainly had to see. A bit too slow off the mark, I missed the sold out show at the Deaf Institute in February this year, followed by a failed mission at Glastonbury, I eventually caught the band at Cotton Clouds Festival in August and it was well worth the wait.

What was instantly striking was the presence of band frontwoman Louisa Roach: filled with fire and fury, and very angry about the state of the UK and the division ‘Brexit’ has had on the UK. It made for a blistering, high octane set which those in attendance will remember for some time to come. The band rattled through songs from their second album: Revolution of Mind, this is clearly a band with something to say who won’t go quietly into the night.

Six weeks on and the UK is pretty much in the same state it was back then, no further along with Brexit, divisions in the country still growing and it’s comforting to know that the fury in the Wirral outfit hasn’t subsided.  For their new single ‘Trouble Every Day’, originally by Frank Zappa, the song focused on racial violence, social injustice and snide journalistic practises of mid 1960’s America.

However this isn’t just a straight up cover, with Roach reimagining the song for our troubled times, focusing on climate change and the rise of the far-right: this is a damning critique of the world we live in, and given that it has the blessing of the Zappa estate there can be no higher praise.

The band is out on tour throughout October/November in support of the single, kicking off on the 15th October in York, wrapping up on the 14th of November in Dublin. This is a band with a great deal to say in these sad uncertain times, if you like your music political, passionate, by a great live outfit then She Drew the Gun are well worth your time.

Tickets available:


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