Martin Kemp’s 80s Throw Back DJ set


Martin Kemp’s 80s Throw Back Disco – Manchester Club Academy 12th October

It would be fair to say that there is no decade of music that is as divisive as the 80s (an argument I certainly don’t buy into as I think the 00s turned out some utter bollocks). I have some friends who absolutely love the decade: they often attend Rewind Festival and love it, whilst on the other hand I have a mate who demanded disciplinary action be taken against a work colleague for constantly playing Absolute 80’s, I believe the outcome has gone to a tribunal, such is the severity of the case.

However, it still has to be said that no matter how good Blue Monday or Gold is, there is rubbish like I’d Rather Jack, by the Reynolds Sisters or Chris de Burgh’s erection section floor filler Lady in Red. Therefore, when I was given the chance to review Martin Kemp’s 80s Throw Back Disco I was well up for it but with a little bit of trepidation.

However I had nothing to fear as this was a good, fun, alcohol fuelled night out, filled with floor fillers, proper bangers and a hefty dose of fromage! However, the tunes really are the supporting act to Mr Martin Kemp! Kemp sported a polka dot shirt and a massive grin, worked through a set with hits from the likes of Queen, Madness, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Heaven 17, and of course Spandau Ballet. Kemp is a fantastic showmen, who is clearly having a ball bouncing round the stage shaking hands with fans in-between songs; if he isn’t enjoying himself then he’s one of the best actors I’ve seen because he was loving it!

The crowd tonight was mix of young and old, all there to listen to pretty much the ultimate 80’s mixtape. There was something for everyone and this is the perfect excuse to dig out your shoulder pads, ripped jeans, bum bags (which rather alarmingly are coming back) yet more importantly get a crew of mates together and have a bloody good night out!


Tickets available for Martin Kemp’s 80s Throw Back Disco at:


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