No Hot Ashes 29.9.19


On Friday 29th September, we had the opportunity to catch local upstarts No Hot Ashes play one their biggest gigs to date at the o2 Ritz in Manchester. The band has been on tour since August in support of their debut album, Hardship Starship.

Upon arriving at the Ritz it was apparent that no one else got the cords and tweed memo, as none of my fellow audience members were going for the same look. At least I didn’t have an outfit clash! Anyway I went and took my place on the balcony surrounding the stage, joining the other older folk; we looked like a bunch of teachers overseeing an end of term disco. I’m glad, because the crowd down below we’re in a party mood tonight and No Hot Ashes more than delivered!

Opening with latest single Extra Terrestrial (I seriously doubt the majority of the crowd would know of Steven Spielberg’s long necked cross dresser from another planet) the band launched into a frantic, high octane set. The band is a mix of power pop and indie rock, with a hint of disco and funk. Of course there are songs about being in love, and messy break ups, but there is a political edge to the band too, which judging by the reaction of the crowd tonight really resonates with this majority teenage/young adult crowd, which is no bad thing.

Lead singer Isaac Taylor, has a unique voice and is supported by an outstanding guitarist in Luigi Di Vuono. Jack Walsh on bass and Matthew Buckley on drums offer a solid ‘funky’ rhythm section; they’re a tight outfit with a good sound and some great songs with Eight Till Late and Goose  being the pick of the bunch.

What was pleasing to see from my point of view is that live music is in good hands with this charismatic Mancunian four-piece and whilst not totally my cup of tea, (I do think they need to vary their sound a little), here is a band giving it their all and connecting with a crowd who are equally hell bent on having a fucking good night and on the basis of this gig No Hot Ashes did this and more.

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