Everything I know, I Felt. The Lowry


Last night saw the opening of a new, exciting, vibrant exhibition at the Lowry called Everything I Know, I felt. Put together by Girl Gang Manchester. The collective of 21 artists, activists, academics and self confessed party instigators have banded together to create an interactive exhibition which they hope will be fun, powerful, but most of all accessible and on the basis of what we saw this evening it certainly ticks all these boxes and more.

The exhibition is a celebration of womxn (as the group have put it), with shared experiences of life, love and loss, all with the aim of providing meaning and greater understanding to both life’s pitfalls and joys.

To give you a flavour of what is on offer, there is a mixture of photographs, paintings, videos, and interactive exhibits all with their own voice and their story to tell. From the first exhibit of The Cloakroom, where you are invited to relax, de-stress and unload some of your troubles, through to the the final, #SeeMySelfie which explores our relationship with social media and the impact it has on our mental health well being.

Each exhibition manages to evoke a different emotion, from the nostalgia of Teenage Bedroom, which brought so much joy to those I experienced it with; I loved it but must confess felt like an intruder! Whilst the joyous celebration (I Fell In Love And) Everything Was Beautiful, is a wonderful reminder that we should seize the day (even more important in these ‘interesting’ times).

There are some are some powerful pieces including the hauntingly, powerful triptic A performance of Violence (I,II & III), highlighting and exploring the horror and brutality of colonialism. Then there is the bittersweet, Emotional Baggage: a series of images showing life’s journey and all it’s ups and downs.

There was is so much to see at Everything, I know, I Felt that it will certainly require a second visit, mainly to see the video pieces that were somewhat inaccessible due to the DJ set but on first glance looked an intriguing prospect. This is an uplifting celebration, filled with feel good moments, whilst displaying some extremely talented individuals, but more importantly what we can achieve if we all pull together.

Everything I know, I felt is at the Lowry until April 5th 2020

*Sorry for the lack of pictures in the article – we don’t want to spoil the exhibition for you!!

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