Spike Island: The Resurrection

Spike Island: The Resurrection

At this moment in time, a trip back in time to the 1990’s doesn’t seem too bad an idea. No pandemic, no face masks, no allegations of Tory sleaze!  A step back into time to the so called, “Second Summer of Love” may be something we could all do with… well that’s exactly what the organisers of Spike Island: The Resurrection, plan on doing!

It may seem hard to believe, but for one spring day in May 1990, a nature reserve in the Cheshire industrial town of Widnes was the place to be. The Stone Roses were at the height of their majestic powers, doing things their way with a one off gig that would be talked about for many years to come!

Here in the present, Spike Island: The Resurrection takes place on July 24th and could well shape up to be one of those “were you there moments?”, albeit for different reasons, with the Government set to announce that Covid restrictions will be lifted on the 19th July. This will be, for most of us, the first chance to experience live music in over 16 months, maybe a chance to have a beer and a dance with family, friends, and some like-minded strangers, which can only be a good thing.

Boasting a line up of tributes to some of Manchester’s finest exports, which include: True Order, The James Experience, Happy Mondaze, The Smiths Ltd, and Oas-is. The festival will culminate with a headline set from The Clone Roses, who will be performing the same seminal set The Stone Roses performed way back on 27th May 1990, which included indie anthems, Waterfall, Fools Gold and the seminal I Am The Resurrection.

In addition to the fantastic tribute acts, there will be DJ sets from Bez, Clint Boon and Dave Sweetmore, as well as original Spike Island performers Andy Barker and MC Tunes.

With the event nearly sold out, this event seems like not just the perfect way to kick start the summer, but hopefully an indicator that things may well be getting back to normal. After so many setbacks and non-starter events let us hope that finally “This is the One”, to get us back to where we belong and who knows, maybe herald the dawn of the third summer of LOVE!

Spike Island: The Resurrection takes place on 24th July at Spike Island, Widnes, Cheshire. Gates open at 1pm

Tickets available at:   http://spikeisland2021.com/

Tags: Spike Island, Stone Roses, Widnes, The Clone Roses, True Order, The James Experience, Happy Mondaze, The Smiths Ltd, Oas-is, Bez, Clint Boon, Dave Sweetmore, Andy Barker, MC Tunes. 24th July

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