Charly Bliss – 9.5.19

Charly Bliss – Night People, Manchester Reviewed by Matt Forrest “Our Album, comes out at midnight, so this is our launch party and we want to see you guys party!” This is the proclamation of Charly Bliss’ lead singer, Eva Hendricks. Hendricks is beaming with pride and is clearly excited by the band’s latest release, […]

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Dilly Dally 26.01.19

Dilly Dally: Night People Reviewer: Matt Forrest Manchester’s Night People is a mere toddler in comparison to some of the cities more established venues. Opened in 2017, it hosts an eclectic mix  of music of all genres. At present it is probably best known for hosting Twisted Wheel, arguably Manchester’s premier Northern Soul night. However, […]

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Dilly Dally preview – 26.01.19

Dilly Dally – Manchester, Night People Reviewer: Matt Forrest With Brexit making the month of January even more miserable than it needs to be, what we all need is a spot of high energy and the chance to pogo about like an over excited loon. Well, the answer to most of life’s worries can be […]

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